The history of the xeoos ® -Twinfire ® is long and successful.

The company Stahl- und Apparatebau, Rolf Specht was founded in October 1971 as a sole proprietorship by the inventor of Doppelfeuer, Mr. Rolf Specht. Initially, storage and transport containers were manufactured.

We have always been innovative and with the development of a new product we started into a fascinating new generation of fire. Already in the late 80’s, a solid fuel stove was developed, which worked very ecologically and economically by its novel combustion after the carburettor principle. This firing technique was supposed to revolutionize the stove market. We named the oven xeoos ®and the firing technology Twinfire ® . We realized the first ecology in the stove. Even an efficiency of 93% (Omni, USA tested) speaks volumes. We are the inventor of the Twinfire ® 

Wood Burning

Basic Eco Green X8