Clean Burn Technology

In 1952 London was shrouded by dense smog, which resulted in the introduction of the Clean Air Act. This piece of legislation required that only smokeless fuels could be burnt in certain towns and cities across the UK, meaning that in the past some homes were unable to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of a log burning fire.

However advances in fireplace technology have moved on dramatically since then, allowing a wood-burning appliance to be a viable option for homes in smoke control areas.

Many of the wood-burning stoves Anglia offers have ‘Clean Burn’ technology, meaning that the air used for combustion is pre-heated and injected into the combustion chamber. This re-ignites the particles in the smoke that would normally be expelled through the chimney as waste fuel.

This technology means that less wood is required to produce the heat so the stove is highly efficient and an added benefit is that the glass will remain cleaner for longer, allowing you to enjoy a clear view of the flame picture.

There are new regualltions coming into force in 2022, these will make manufactures not only produce more efficient stoves but will give the end user a clear understanding of what they are buying. for more information on this visit the SIA web site