Cases Study – Witchford


The client visited the Anglia showroom looking for something to make their room appear lighter by replacing their heavy looking stone fireplace. They also wanted the new fire to provide better heat within the room than their existing open fireplace was providing.


Upon observing the Bodart & Gonay Infire on display at the showroom, they were attracted by the width of the model. As they have a large living room, they felt that this would perfectly suit their room and consequently arranged for a site appraisal to take place.

The complete installation is comprised of a Rialto Beige Cave Surround with a Black Granite Hearth, and a Bodart & Gonay Infire 603 Multifuel appliance. As this model is a closed appliance, the generated heat is retained when the fire is not in use, instead of being lost through the chimney. The client is subsequently enjoying greatly reduced heating bills.

“I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for our new fireplace – we’re loving it!”