Cases Study – Suffolk 1


Mr & Mrs HS came into the Anglia showroom following a disappointing visit to a competitor who had basically dismissed them and their needs. Mrs HS visited initially, and was impressed by the questions asked about her requirements (for example: was the appliance for heat, what was the size of the room etc). From this point it was established that she lived in a large house, where the existing heating system was not adequate to provide sufficient heat in the winter, so much so that the children moved their bedrooms as they were so cold. The stove chosen was to replace a small oil fired stove, which was situated in a room where there was a vaulted ceiling and gallery leading off into bedrooms. This area apparently never became warm, however Mrs HS was assured that the chosen Hase Bari ceramic stove would give her adequate heat, and a superb focal point for the room.


The fire was fitted and operated over the Christmas holidays – guests were impressed by the heat the stove produced and also the client’s children moved back into their bedrooms, which were now being warmed by the stove.The clients were so impressed that Mrs HS convinced her husband that he should visit the Anglia showrooms again, with a view to putting an efficient fire into their living room, and so this will be the next project.


Mrs HS commented:

“We have never felt warm in this house, but we absolutely lived in this room over the winter – it was so warm and cosy, we had to buy a sofa. We are now looking at other areas of the house that we can put a wood burning fire into”