Cases Study – Harston


The client visited the showroom wanting a closed appliance to make their fire more efficient, however there were several issues that needed to be considered. Firstly their home was an early SIPS construction, so was very air tight, second they had a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system. thirdly they had a system called a “Keddy” installed. And just to make things more interesting they did not want to change the look of their fireplace.


On the site appraisal we worked out that the best product for this installation would be the Jetmaster 60i with direct air, as we needed extra height we would lower the front hearth build out. After many discussions we carried out this work

We used slate slips to make up the difference around the appliance as well as to make the fire stand out more with a new slate hearth. A cleaner look was achieved and the client has reported that they are over the moon with the installation, the professional attitude in the way the installation was approached both pre installation and during.