Cases Study – Fordham


The client visited the Anglia showroom to look at some closed solid fuel appliances. Working closely with her Interior Designers, Angel & Blume, many options were considered to give her room a more modern feel, as the existing fireplace was a large brick built open fire, and was not very efficient. The size and colour of the existing fireplace closed the room down considerably and made it look very dark. The client wanted something to open up the space and give a feeling of light


Having looked at many of the closed inset appliances, the client liked the compactness of the Bodart & Gonay SD442, as it was a closed appliance, but also gave her the option of using it as an open fire, by sliding the fire door into the box. The installation involved deepening her existing chimney breast slightly to accommodate the depth, but because it was installed as a hole in the wall, it did not encroach on the room, and enabled the client, along with her interior designers, to create the open feel she wanted for her room.

The finished room was simple but effective, and the versatility of the appliance gives the client the option to have a very efficient closed appliance, or on those days when heat is not as vital, the cosiness of an open fire.