Cases Study – Cambridge


The client visited our showroom as they had purchased a 1950’s bungalow and were awaiting planning consent to convert it into a Swiss Chalet style house. The existing living room was only going to be modified as far as windows and doors were concerned, as the size was ample, and in its present state the bungalow had a brick built chimney stack in the center of the room, with a 1950’s style tiled fireplace suitable for an open fire.

Initially the client was looking at the possibility of a new fireplace as a hole in the wall with a gas fire, using the existing chimney. However, on looking at their plans, and in talking it was very apparent that they wanted a simple yet modern look, giving them as much space as possible. Anglia suggested that whilst the property was undergoing extensive renovation it could be an opportune time to relocate the chimney, gain space in the living area, and in turn give more space upstairs. This would also give the client greater choice.

Obviously this was a new idea to the client which required digesting, but they took on board the suggestion and rethought their new living room.


Initially looking at gas fires, another suggestion was to fit a multifuel or woodburning appliance, as gas prices were rising rapidly, and wood burning being a renewable resource, various appliances were demonstrated to the client as well.

Having seen the wood burning appliances burning in the showrooms and seeing how easy they were to light, and how clean they were, the client turned their thoughts to the Hase range of products. The modern clean lines of these appliances fitted well with the interior of their property, and the Hase Luno was the chosen appliance. Having a small output of between 3-7 Kw, it complemented the new heating system of the property which was going to be a Ground Source heating system with underfloor heating, and given the insulation factor of the property, the lower output of this appliance would not be overpowering in the room.