Aqua Heating

Eco-Friendly or Passive House

If your property is an eco-friendly or passive house, you’ll be pleased to know that we can advise you about the most suitable fires for this type of home.

For example, the unique design of an appliance such as the T-Line Eco 2 Plus from Tonwerk features an absorber jacket, placed between the stove storage block and the outer casing, inside which circulating water absorbs up to 50% of the stove’s heat. The remaining 50% is released into the room. This is ideal for houses which require lower levels of room heating. The technology required for the stove’s water circuit takes up very little space, and safety features ensure that the flow rate is always correct.

Whereas the water jacket of many other models is placed around the stove’s combustion chamber, resulting in heat loss, incomplete burning and higher particle emissions, none of these occur with the T-Line Eco 2.

As well as traditional central heating, this model can also be integrated with a solar or geothermal heating system.

Central Heating System Powered by Pellets

Central Heating Boilers Fueled by Wood Pellets

Heating with wood pellets does not contribute to climate change, as wood pellets are regarded as a carbon neutral energy source. When pellets are burnt they release solar energy absorbed during the trees growth. The CO2 released in this process is equal to the CO2 absorbed during the trees growth. In addition, localized production of wood pellets dramatically reduces transport related emissions. Wood pellets not only save energy in terms of manufacturing and delivery, but also create local employment opportunities. They are an important contribution to a sustainable future for our children.

Pellets are made of 100% natural wood. Shavings and sawdust are compressed under high pressure and pressed into small cylindrical rolls and held together by lignin, contained naturally in the wood. This results in a clean, convenient fuel with a high calorific value and very low ash content (0.2%). Every year, more wood is renewed than is consumed. All of these facts are what makes the most convenient of all wood fuels such an interesting alternative in terms of both ecology and economy.

There are different standards of pellets, The European stands ENPlus A1 is the standard that Eva Calor recommend due to the quality of the pellet and the energy it releases, but more over it is source form renewable source which encourage new growth of the tree.

The cost of running a pellet boiler is less than conventional gas, electric or oil. Although the installation is very similar to these. Eva Calor have a hopper fed system which means you can purchase your fuel in 10kg sacks, easy to store and handle. With a boiler size from 13kw-34kw so there will be one that will be right for your home.

For smaller property’s you could choose the Hyrdo Slim 16kw that could fit neatly in any living space, or if you have space in a utility room or boot room then the bigger Hydro Kantina 15kw,18kw,24kw,27kw or the 34kw that boast up to a 100kg hopper for your pellets.

Back Boiler Stoves

We have a range of stoves that can have a back boiler retro fitted to them. However due to the energy drain by the water system of the back boiler, the fire will not burn as cleanly. This will mean an increase in the consumption of fuel and a blackening of the glass of the stove. The installation of a back boiler stove may also cause conflict if you have a modern pressurised heating system.

Questions you need to ask yourself if you are considering a back boiler stove. Do you have a good supply of good quality fuel? Is there some one at home all day to keep fuelling the appliance? Is it going to be cost effective to have a back boiler stove or would a more efficient room heater be more beneficial? Is the cleanliness of seeing the fire important to you?