Why Electric Fires Are the Preferred Option for Many Cambridge Homeowners

Impington and Cambridge boast their fair share of centuries’ old architectural masterpieces, and the owners of such grand properties often like to decorate them traditionally with the likes of chandeliers and roaring woodburning stoves. However, many people are leaving tradition behind and opting for an electric fire rather than woodburners or gas fires, but would doing the same be the right thing for you to do?

At Anglia Fireplaces, we believe that no type of fire is superior to the rest and that deciding which is best for you comes down to personal preference and your particular requirements. Gas fires, electric fires and woodburners all have their pros and cons, but below, we discuss the benefits of electric fires so that you can understand why they’re growing in popularity.

Here’s Why You’ll Love an Electric Fire

In the not so distant past, the fake flames on electric fires looked too obvious and conveyed a cheap and unauthentic feel, but they’ve advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Here’s why a modern electric fire might be a perfect fit for your Cambridge or Impington home:

  • No Real Fumes

You don’t have to worry about smoke or gas filling your living room with an electric fire because the flames and logs aren’t real. Your fire will generate heat and keep you toasty indoors just like any other fire, but you’ll never inhale any smoke or burn your floors with roasting logs accidentally.

  • Easy to Maintain

Because there’s no real smoke, fumes, coals or logs with electric fires, you won’t have to get on your hands and knees to scrub the chimney or any ashes. When you no longer need to use your fire, you simply unplug it from the mains and leave it.

  • Cost-Effective

Depending on your home’s layout, an electric fire could be much cheaper than the gas or woodburning alternative. With an electric fire, you don’t need to worry about budgeting for a chimney or replenishing firewood. Plus, because there are no fumes that need to escape, you can place your electric fire wherever you like.

  • Energy Efficient

Some people say that nothing beats the crackling sound of burning wood, but others think that we should all be focusing on protecting the environment more than anything else. Many studies have shown that electric fires are more energy efficient than the gas and woodburning alternatives, meaning you’ll make a saving on your bills as well as protect the environment.

  • They’re Attractive

Above all, modern electric fires boast high-quality fake flames and logs that look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. You can choose any style of electric fire you like, and we have a fireplace to suit any home.

Learn More about Electric Fires at Anglia Fireplaces

As the UK’s leading fireplace retailer, we can guarantee that we have a fireplace that you’ll adore for years, and we welcome you to see our collection in person by visiting our showroom at Anglia House, Kendal Court, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9YS. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about the benefits of electric fires, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01223 234713.

Whats in a Twin Wall flue System?

Where a brick built chimney is not possible to be installed, then an easy option is to have a twin wall metal flue. These needs to terminate as a brick built chimney would, but take up less space and could be installed in as little as a day.

The other advantages a twin wall flue can bring is that it is insulated, this means that the flue gasses can retain much of the energy needed to allow the flue gases to escape to the atmosphere as quickly as possible, in turn meaning these gases have less time to condensate, thus meaning the draft within the flue way can be stronger to help make the fire at the base of the flue system work to its best potential. This insulation also allows the flue system to be placed closer to combustibles (Typically 50mm) like roof joist, plaster board and other possible combustibles that you may find along its route.

Most twin wall flue systems are tested to withstand temperatures of 600 degrees Celsius, for no more than 30 minutes at a time. This is a standard test that all Class I flues must pass due to chimney fires.

The standard twin wall flue system is two steel pipes, an inner and outer. These are secured together so they are rigid to each other. The insulation between these two pipes is Rockwool insulation. This material gives reasonable values however. This will start to break down at around 450 degrees Celsius. These two factors are why most twin wall flues have a 10 year warranty.

Most twin wall flues are put to work with an appliance of some description, that through normal operation (Door closed) the flue gas temperature is between 195-350 degrees Celsius. However when the glass/door is opened then you get a rush of air coming into the flue, taking the heat that the appliance has in its fire area up the flue, the flue gas temperature can jump to around 600 degrees Plus. This is where damage can occur. The inner flue pipe wants to expand, yet the outer (Cooler) pipe does not. And so the metal can slowly become weaker over a period of time. Secondly the insulation will start to break down and compact in the flue; this means you end up with points in the flue system that no longer has a good insulation value.

If you are unlucky enough to have a chimney fire, then these weak points become dangerous. And if one of these weak points is near a combustible, then it could be possible to cause a fire by transference of heat. More likely, these cold spots are where condensates will gather and the effectiveness of the flue system will be greatly reduced.

The Metaloterm EOntop AT system is different in two key ways. And this is why it has been given a 30 year guarantee, even if you have repeated chimney fires.

Firstly, the construction. The two pipes are wired together, allowing the inner to move independently to the external pipe. This does not put stress on to the metals when it heats and cools at a different rate. So you will not get metal fractures in the flue.

Secondly, the insulation is made from Carbide Silica. This natural material has great insulation property’s, it also has a melting point of 1700 Degrees Celsius. This means that the temperatures achieved with a wood burning appliance or a chimney fire will not break down the thermal properties of this insulation. Even with repeated chimney fires gaining temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius +. Let alone the normal operation of a wood burning appliance of opening the glass door to refuel the appliance.

In summary

If you have a flue system of any description you should always burn the correct fuel and limit slumbering of the fire to the absolute minimum. You should never burn wet or unseasoned wood, and you should always have your flue swept by a qualified sweep each year regardless of how many fires you have or have not had, to maintain the flue route is clean.

If however you are unlucky enough to have a chimney fire, will your flue system be safe while the chimney fire is happening? If you do not have a Metaloterm EOntop AT system then you should think about having it changed for a new system.

So when you are spending a lot of money on a wood stove and flue system, would you rather a flue system with a 10 year warranty or a flue system with a 30 year guarantee that has factual arguments to give it this long life. We at Anglia Fireplaces only sell Metaloterm EOntop AT for any customer wanting a twin wall metal flue system.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wood Burning Stove

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to give their fireplaces a new lease of life by installing woodburners. With the range of gas fires out there, it can be confusing, but there are lots of excellent reasons to make the switch to a woodburner in terms of style, efficiency and environmental responsibility but it’s important to make sure you make the right choice for your needs.

Do I Need a Chimney?

The good news is that these days, you don’t need an existing chimney to enhance your home with the beauty of real fire. Having a twin wall pipe system installed means that enhancing your home with a real woodburner is now an option open to many more people than in the past. Not only that, this innovation means you can now install a woodburner in other rooms of the house such as family rooms or conservatories.

A Stove for Every Style

As woodburners have become more and more popular, the range of options available has improved too. You can go for a cosy country cottage look with a traditional wood burning stove. Or alternatively, if your home has a more contemporary feel, the clean lines of a modern woodburner will make a fabulous and functional style statement in your living room. Whether you want to make your woodburner fit in with your home’s existing style or use it as the centerpiece of a brand new look for your lounge, the choice is yours.

Energy Efficiency

As long as you make sure your logs are bought from a sustainable supplier, you can rest assured that your new log burner is an environmentally friendly as well as a stylish and cost effective way to heat your home. Not only is wood renewable, burning it is a carbon neutral process so you get to feel the warm glow of helping the environment as well as the far superior energy efficiency to that of an open fire. All our woodburners come stamped with the CE mark, proving they have passed demanding Europe-wide tests with regard to heating efficiency and emissions.

New Technology

In the past, people living in Smoke Control Areas were unable to install woodburners in their homes. However recent developments mean that there is now a great choice of smokeless fuel as well as the option to install a smoke control kit in your woodburner. Also, clever innovations such as Cleanburn and Airwash technology mean better flames, less soot and a more efficient burn for your woodburner.

Expert Installation

Safety is of paramount importance so you must arrange installation by a HETAS-registered installer to ensure compliance with building regulations. Failure to do so can invalidate your home insurance. Our installers will keep you informed as they undertake every part of the process including the site survey, measuring distance to combustibles and deciding which chimney will best suit your needs.


For expert advice on our extensive range of woodburners and electric fires drop into Anglia Fireplaces at Anglia House, Kendal Court, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9YS today.